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Pretty Curves

Women of Size

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starHead Rules for Newbies:star

starYou must first join the community, then post the application within 24 hours. If you do not, you will be banned.star

starMake sure you use an lj cut for your app. or it will be deleted.star

starYou will be stamped within 96 hours (4 days).star

starDo not comment on or create any posts until you have been stamped.star

starRespect the members or you will be banned.star

starThere is an age limit for this community. We will let you know if you are old enough.star

starIf rejected, you can apply only one more time. In one week (7 days), with different pics.star

starPut "fat is beautiful" as your subject line. So we know you read the rules. No title, no acceptance.star

starHead Rules for Members:star

starNudity is allowed, as long as it is tasteful, and behind a cut with a warning.star

starUse an lj cut for pics. You can use one as a teaser (if you like).star

starWe ♥ vanity! We encourage it, but that is not all this community is for. You can share art, and new bands etc.star

starWhen voting please give a reason for your answer. A simple "yes" or "no" will not be counted. A moderator (when acquired) and I will have the final say.star

starMost importantly have fun!star

starDon't be overly bitchy to the applicants. This is NOT one of those communities.star

starYou are allowed to promote here. But you must prove a link showing you promoted us there. If you do not, you will be warned, and the post will be deleted. Try not to make promoting in here an annoying habit, it is tolerated, not appreciated.star

starIf you plan to leave the community please make a post stating so.star